17327-a-doctor-and-couple-talking-pvAccording to the Medical Encyclopedia, people living with diabetes should be visiting their doctors every three months. These appointments are extremely important, as they test your weight, blood pressure, blood sugar, feet and much more. They’re also a good time for you to ask any questions you may have, or to learn about new treatment that may be available. Although these appointments are a high priority, visiting your doctor every three months can be difficult to manage with a busy schedule. Between work and errands, there is barely enough time to visit your doctor and discuss all of your diabetes information.

Important information that people with diabetes have to keep track of daily include A1C levels, blood sugar, weight, cholesterol, medications and upcoming appointments. This information is critical for both the patient and the doctor, so forgetting to make a journal entry or doing guess work to figure out specific numbers won’t cut it. Other complications that come with keeping a diabetes journal include, losing pages, illegible handwriting for the doctor to read or forgetting to write down those important questions.

It may seem like there is no other way to track and manage your diabetes, but thankfully there is. Easy-to-use, all-in-one electronic platforms have developed the technology to help you track your diabetes information, manage your medication and set reminders for upcoming appointments and prescription refills. This technology is available on your computer or smartphone for your convenience.

Not only do these platforms help you easily track and automatically calculate your information, but it has the potential to shorten your doctor’s appointments. When you bring or email the organized chart of your current information to your doctor’s appointments, your physician can make easy assessments instead of prompting your to remember information from memory. That way, those visits every three months don’t seem so bad. Shorter visits means less time away from your work, family and friends.

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