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  • Staying on top of your sugars has never been easier.

    The MySugars electronic tool for entering blood glucose readings is the ultimate blood sugar management and tracking log book. By managing your blood glucose online instead of in a diabetes and blood sugar paper log or record chart, you get a daily sugar levels tracker that includes:

    Your sugar levels log displayed in actionable charts and graphs

    High and low blood sugar alerts

    Estimated A1C levels

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  • Take your medication list wherever you go-plus get dose reminders, medication information, and more.

    MyMedSimple is a diabetes medications monitoring database that provides to maximize the health benefits of your medications. On the web platform and the free app for iOS and Android, you can get:

    Dosage and refill reminders

    Drug interaction and side-effect analysis

    Cost-saving opportunities

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  • Feel more confident about your health-both inside the doctor's office and out.

    My Diabetes Home is a web-based diabetes management and tracking solution that creates a comprehensive reportspecifically formatted to share with your doctor in order to get the most out of your appointments. The VisitOptimizer report includes:

    The last two weeks of blood sugar logs

    Vital health information, including A1C and blood pressure

    Personalized health goals

    Questions for your next doctor's appointment

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  • Diabetes management and tracking have never been easier with this clear view of your current vitals and goals.

    MyNumbers is a diabetes management solution designed to coach you toward optimal levels of health by showing you graphs of your progress. With myNumbers, you can:

    Track your A1C, blood pressure, weight, and cholesterol

    Maintain a virtual vitals chart

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  • All of your health information-right at your fingertips.

    MyHome helps you stay on top of your health information with My Diabetes Home's online diabetes monitoring and tracking platform. The personalized dashboard pulls all of your vital health information into one place, including:

    Your latest health numbers

    Your online medication list

    Relevant articles personalized to your interests

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I love that the MedSimple app on my smartphone syncs with My Diabetes Home.
— Debbie D.

About Us is a personalized diabetes management and blood sugar monitoring and tracking platform that provides you with tools to track your sugars and manage your medications. The interactive dashboard, easily accessible via computer, tablet or mobile device, allows you to simplify your life, drastically improve your doctor visits, and ultimately achieve better health.

Your Data Is Safe With Us

Putting your health data on the web can be scary, but don't worry! My Diabetes Home will never share your personal data with anyone. You are the only person who can access your private data. And we use the most up-to-date security measures to safeguard your data.

Click the "Verified and Secured" logo at the bottom of the screen to get more information about our data security.